Uploading Books to Wikimedia Commons & Kn Wikisource From Internet Archive

Pustaka Sanchaya Activities - Walk through

This post helps you in understanding how we are planning to push the books from Internet Archive to Wikimedia Commons and then push it to Wikisource. 

Before this we have already uploaded the books from our local dump (Yes, we downloaded OUT_OF_COPYRIGHT books PDF’s from DLI & OUDL to make it easier for people involved in the project to collaborate easily)

OUD/DLI Books on IA->Commons->Wikisource

Steps to follow:

  1. Internet Archives identifiers and status - https://goo.gl/ysLhyy
  1. Now, open archive.org to search the identifier provided in the google spreadsheet or use http://https://archive.org/details/<Archive Identifier Name> to find the book page on Internet archive.
  2. Open http://tools.wmflabs.org/ia-upload/commons/init to access WMF tool to upload Internet Archive books to Wikimedia Commons
  3. Authorize yourself using Wiki User Login. 
  4. Allow tools server to use wiki credentials
  5. Copy the Book Archive ID from the spreadsheet to upload it to commons
  6. Type the Book name for the Wikimedia Commons in Kannada (You can find this in the archive URL mentioned in step 2. 
  7. Edit the langauge code from ka to kn (2 lines)
  8. Click on Upload
  9. Once the upload is done, you will find the URL for the book on Wikimedia Commons. Click on it. 
  10. Find the transcribe @ wikisource link in the detail section of Wiki Commons link of the book. 
  11. Click on ಸೃಷ್ಟಿಸಿ to create a create a project page on Wikisource by typing the book details. 
  12. You’re done

Categorize the books uploaded: 

Example: Yogi using HotCat:



 Issues Noticed:

  1. DLI same author/publisher for multiple books. Example can be found here.