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Omshivaprakash L Create Wiki pages for Kannada Books - Pustaka Sanchaya
  1. Visit http://pustaka.sanchaya.net and confirm if you're an existing wiki user or not. If not, you will be prompted to create a new wiki account.
devu d 2. If you have got an account, you can login on wiki and must type your wiki-id to proceed with next steps
Omshivaprakash L 3. Follow the template shared to be used to create the wiki page. If you observe closely you will be able to learn how to start a wiki page, adding a basic content, Infobox and most importantly references. 
The  above image instructs you to click on a red link and create a wiki page. Just the way you start learning wiki editing on Wikipedia. Then, copy the wiki template and paste it on the wiki link that has been opened in a new window. Now, paste the content. 
Once you're done with the above step, do click on preview to see how this content looks like on a wiki page. That is where our learning on Wikipedia editing starts. Ask questions to the instructors to teach more about the wiki editing. Before you move on, you're still on preview mode. Don't forget to save the articles. 
Note: The article you created is in your personal user namespace. This page needs to be improved. You can also enjoy the Kannada book by downloading it while you add more information about the book on wiki page. 
  • 4. Lastly, you just finished creating a wiki page. Before you move on, help us track your edit by sharing your wiki username. We shall write to you on your wiki talk page and see how we can collaborate further. 
Need for this project and your support:
We have more than 1000 books which can reach Kannada Wiki projects such as Wikipedia and Wikisource. These books that we are trying to add to wiki projects are OUT_OF_COPYRIGHT made available in Digital Library of India and Osmania Digital Libraries. Our project would ensure the availability of the books round the clock in multiple formats for Kannadiga's and it would also help us create valuable research information about our literature. 

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